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Renting a car in London – a guide from Car Rental UK
A culturally diverse and highly affluent city – and not least the capital of the UK – London offers an eclectic mix of experiences.
Whether you want to taste great food, climb dizzying heights, or roam for hidden gems, a trip to London shouldn’t go a miss.
And with our London car rental service, exploring this great city had never been easier.

What can we do for you?
Car Rental UK is a reliable, affordable service based in and around London, offering car hire from just £87 for 7 days.
With our useful website, renting a car in London has never been easier. We compare hundreds of brands to select the best price for you: saving you time and money.
And what’s more, we have over 50 London locations for you to choose from.
So whether you’re planning a short romantic getaway, a long family trip, or even a business meeting, we’ve got the right vehicle to see you through.

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What can you do in London?
The actual question is: What can’t you do in London?
With London car hire, your possibilities are endless. We’ve selected the top three things we think you should do and see.

#1 – ZSL London Zoo
The oldest scientific zoo in the world, ZSL London Zoo provides you with the exotic scenes from across the globe, without the outbound trip!
Also known as Regent’s Zoo, you can view nearly 700 species of animals here. And, with over 20,000 individuals to visit, you’re bound to make a friend or two.
And, as it’s open every day of the year except for Christmas, you’re guaranteed to have something to do no matter the season.
Plenty of parking is available here - and you can even book ahead if you wish.

#2 - Brixton Marketplace
Brixton Village, Market Row, and Reliance Arcade make up a truly culturally and historically significant epicentre of trade which really shouldn’t go amiss when visiting London.
With a wide selection of market stalls, cafes and restaurants to choose from, Brixton Marketplace offers a range of foods like no other market in the UK.
Tastes range from Europe, India, Asia, Africa, South America and the Caribbean – so, what are you waiting for?
(You can also view this handy guide for finding a parking spot – you’re going to need somewhere to put all that shopping!)

#3 - Holland Park
Looking for something a little more relaxing?
A short drive from the famous Hyde Park, Holland Park offers a downscale escape from London’s hustle and bustle.
With a beautiful ornate Japanese garden, and free-roaming peacocks, you can be transported to a place of total Zen.
Or, if you’re feeling a little more active, why not pack some sports gear in the boot, and make use of the tennis courts or cricket pitch?

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